A student-led network advocating for undocumented student rights.

Our Mission

The mission of the Undocumented Student-Led Network is to create a statewide network of immigrant youth leaders to work towards advancing immigrant reform agenda. USN commits to expand and advocate for undocumented student resources, as well as build community and create safe spaces across campuses. Ultimately, the USN aims to uplift undocumented voices and accurately portray the undocumented experience.

Opportunity for All campaign

University of California must provide equal access to campus job opportunities to all students, regardless of immigration status.


Actively advocating for resources, opportunities, and equity for undocumented students in higher education.


Organizing in support of the undocumented community. Stay tuned for our Week of Action surrounding the political climate!


Creating a network of undocumented students; reaching communities often overlooked.

Everything that exists now is through the organizing of immigrant youth; the California Dream Act was fought for and won by the immigrant youth movement, DACA was fought for and won by the immigrant youth movement; and all of the programs that currently exists on the UC campuses were fought for and won by the immigrant youth movement. There was no one in any administration that offered to set up these programs without organizing, without a fight, without a demand.

Kent Wong, UCLA Labor Center Director