Our Team

Carlos Alarcon He/Him/His
UCLA – Graduate Student
Master of Public Policy
Fun fact: Huskies are my favorite dog breed.
Blanca Estela Alba She/Her/Hers
UC Riverside – 4th year
Sociology/Law & Society Major
Fun Fact: I play golf!
Abraham Cruz He/Him/His
UCLA – 4th year
Public Affair Major
Fun Fact: When I was younger, my dream job was to be a Jeopardy clue writer!
Johanna Mejia She/Her/Ella
UC Irvine – 2nd year
Psychology Major
Hearing and Speech Sciences Minor
Fun fact: Self-taught myself how to groom my dog.
Astrid Menendez she/her/hers
UCLA – 2nd year
Political Science and Spanish Major
Fun fact: I love going to concerts!
Estefania Flores She/Her/Hers
UC Davis – 3rd year
Human Development Major
Fun fact: I enjoying cooking and trying new foods!
Karely Amaya She/Her/Hers
UCLA – Senior
Political Science and Chicana/o and Central American Studies Major
Minor: Public Affairs
Fun Fact: I love sunflowers, the color yellow, and avocados!
Justine Lim She/Her
UCLA – 4th year
Political Science and Labor Studies Major
Fun Fact: I love to vlog, and I’m currently working on a blog that documents my life journey from personal stories to pursuing higher education as a DACAmented individual. I hope my personal experience can be a source of guidance for other students in similar situations and helps them along the way.
Alondra Avalos She/Her
UCLA – 4th year
Labor Studies and Sociology Major
Fun Fact: Baking is my favorite pastime.


675 South Park View St. Los Angeles, California