Resource Accessibility Across the University Of California Campuses Through Undocumented Students’ Experiences

January 2022 | UC Cohort | UCLA Labor Center | UCLA Dream Resource Center

An evaluation report by the organizing subcommittee of the UC Cohort 2021

A new evaluation report created by undocumented students highlighting resource disparities for undocumented students across the University of California (UC) is now available!

The evaluation report by the organizing subcommittee of the inaugural UC Cohort, from the  UCLA Dream Resource Center (DRC) and UCLA Labor Center, brings attention to the lack of accessibility for resources available to undocumented students to ensure their needs are met. 
The evaluation report provides a list of tangible solutions for administration, staff, and educators to implement at their respective institutions that address undocumented students’ experiences when creating new resources or evaluating existing resources currently available to undocumented students.

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